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Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Raquel, I am the owner of META Beauty & Body Sculpting. I started this company with the vision of helping women just like you, who may have lost themselves in the process of giving so much to others - Who may have neglected themselves - and are ready to reclaim their time, energy and self-confidence! My aim is to provide the time, environment, and opportunity for you to guiltlessly put the focus back on yourself while effortlessly sculpting the body you desire. As a mother and wife... I understand the demands, stress, and responsibilities of others that you hold on your shoulders. I understand that spending $50 on a toy or gift seems more worthwhile than spending $50 to treat yourself. But I'm here to tell you that you deserve to take care of yourself. You are worthy of a luxurious experience. Worthy of investing in your beauty, body, mind, and spirit.

So, give back to yourself. You deserve it. 

Underwear Models
Eyebrow Makeup
Women in Swimsuit
Plus Size Model
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